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After moving back from NYC with their two children, Will & Charis wanted to feel connected to home again. They had been away from Tulsa for about 6 years, and were eager to get involved. They were very impressed with the progression and evolution of Tulsa since they had been away.

After noticing a lack of information, conversations, and online community, Will & Charis decided to form Citizens of Tulsa, a podcast for Tulsans that highlights important stories and people that are helping our great city advance culturally, systematically, and intelligently. The name was inspired by their favorite coffee shop in Chelsea, Manhattan, and they believed being Citizens of Tulsa means you are actively engaged and connected to the community. Their desire for Citizens of Tulsa is to inform and inspire everyday Tulsans to be just more than Tulsans who exists, but Tulsans who take pride in being citizens of this great city and look to bring significant change whether big or small.

Will & Charis both run a multifaceted creative firm called Citizens of Marketing and a podcast production company called Citizens of Sound. Will and Charis have extended their team to value contributors such as Alex Aguilar and Salome Pinto.

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